Quantum Space

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Understanding Quantum Tunneling: Breaking Through Barriers

Quantum tunneling

Quantum tunneling is one of the most bizarre and fundamental phenomena in quantum physics. It allows particles to pass through barriers that should be impenetrable according to classical physics. This article will explore how quantum tunneling enables particles to escape from impenetrable boxes. The Wave Nature of Quantum Particles According to quantum theory, microscopic particles …

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Exploring Gravitational Waves

Gravitation Force

In a watershed moment, a collaborative effort among international astronomers has heralded the substantiation of gravitational waves’ existence through meticulous pulsar observations. Notably, India’s prestigious Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) stands shoulder to shoulder with five other global behemoths, playing a pivotal role in delivering this epochal evidence. This accomplishment stands as a testament to …

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Exploring Time Dilation and the Evolution of the Universe

Exploring Time Dilation

In a recent scientific investigation, time dilation in the early universe has been substantiated through the study of Quasars, celestial entities housing intense black holes. The study delved into 190 quasars dispersed across the cosmos, their origins tracing back approximately 1.5 billion years post the Big Bang. By juxtaposing the luminosity of these primordial quasars …

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Exploring Majorana Zero Modes by Microsoft

Majorana Zero Modes

Recently, Microsoft researchers unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of quantum computing by harnessing Majorana Zero Modes, a particle that holds immense promise for quantum revolution. Notably, this breakthrough was achieved through the intricate engineering of a topological superconductor, fusing the capabilities of an aluminium superconductor with an indium arsenide semiconductor, setting the stage …

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Google’s Quantum AI Reaches Major Milestone in 2023

Google's quantum AI

Google’s 72 Qubit Processor Sycamore Demonstrates Quantum Advantage In a major milestone in the quest for practical quantum computing, Google announced in March 2023 that its AI Quantum laboratory in Santa Barbara has achieved quantum advantage using a 72 qubit quantum processor called Sycamore. This demonstration of quantum supremacy marks a significant step forward for …

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Is Earth`s Core Rotating?

According to recent research, The Earth’s inner core appears to have stopped spinning in the last decade, and may now be reversing its spin direction. The researchers state that this slowing and change in direction could be related to fluctuations in sea levels and the length of days, which occur every 70 years.