WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature

WhatsApp has launched a handy new feature for voice and video calls – the ability to share your phone’s screen with other callers. This “WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature” makes calls more interactive and visual.

How The WhatsApp Screen Sharing Feature Works

The WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature allows you to broadcast your phone’s screen to everyone in a one-on-one or group call. To use it, simply tap the “screen share” icon during a call and select if you want to share your full screen or just a specific app. 

The person or people you are calling will then be able to view your screen in real time until you stop sharing or the call ends. The WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature works for both regular calls and group calls with up to 32 participants.

Use Cases For The WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature

There are many great ways to utilize the WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature:

  • Show photos, videos, websites, or apps to friends and family
  • Share presentations, documents, or designs for work 
  • Display travel bookings or shopping carts when coordinating plans
  • Lecture using slides, diagrams, and notes for classes
  • Troubleshoot tech issues by sharing your screen
  • Shop together online with friends
  • Demo software prototypes and applications
  • Share gameplay or streaming videos

The WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature makes presenting visual information during calls easy and seamless.

Benefits of The WhatsApp Screen Share Function

WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature has some great benefits:

  • Makes calls more interactive and visual
  • Allows real-time collaboration 
  • Reduces the need to send multiple photos and videos
  • Everything is end-to-end encrypted for privacy
  • Works for both one-on-one and group calls
  • Up to 4 people can share their screens on a group call


The WhatsApp New Screen Sharing Feature is a very handy addition to making calls more productive, engaging, and fun. It enables you to easily present photos, videos, apps, and anything else on your phone’s screen to the people you are talking to. Next time you want to show something off or collaborate on WhatsApp, be sure to use the new screen share option.

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